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Film pitch decks serve as a visual representation of a project when presenting to potentially involved parties. I’ve had the pleasure of creating a number of decks for both television and film projects. I have a genuine love for layout and editorial design, and these projects allow me to use my zine-making roots in a new way. Each deck's layout and content is custom to the project, and I try to convey tone and story through images, textures, and composition.


Below are two of the decks I've created. Please note that some copy has been replaced with placeholder; actual content and complete decks available on request.  

Pitch Decks

Paradise Lanes

Paradise Lanes takes place in the tail end of the 90s, and tells the story of Kitty, an 18-year-old biracial girl working at the first non-native owned casino in Washington state. Music plays a crucial role in the series, and the grunge scene that was prevalent at the time offers a wealth of visual inspiration. To set the tone for the series, I created layered, textured spreads with a consistently moody color palette. Type has a touch of grit, and cut out images help add a DIY/zine sort of feel that at times mirrors the chaos of the story itself. 

A Natural Mother

A Natural Mother is a multi-generational story that takes place in New York City from 1980 to 2020. The story centers around motherhood, and what it means to choose your family. Where Paradise Lanes takes a detailed, layered approach, this deck follows a more straightforward layout with carefully curated imagery and subtle textures that allow the complexity of the story to speak for itself. 

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