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Punch Zine + Brand Expansion


10 weeks


Kelly Shea


Brand Development
Art Direction
Web Design
Environmental Graphics



Live site


Punch is a multi-platform magazine and lifestyle brand centered around good meals and greater company. For this student project, I worked with Kelly Shea to create a fun and youthful food publication in the style of the late and great Lucky Peach . We wrote our own content, styled shoots and sourced photography, and created a brand buildout that included print and environmental design.


There are a plethora of food magazines out there both online and in print, but since the closure of Lucky Peach, there’s space for the creation of a more irreverent, femme-focused publication that appeals to a younger (20s) audience. With the concept and focus established, our challenge then became finding a way to successfully apply the brand across platforms.


Being a “foodie” doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big budget or use a sous-vide machine on a daily basis.  A lot of food brands tell young people what to eat and buy from a bland, sponsored standpoint. Punch aims to fill the alternative food-writing niche while focusing on passionate food lovers and food makers who lean into feminist, independent lifestyles. Punch has an irreverent voice in regard to overly-polished Instagram food culture and uses it to encourage young people that also see through the façade.

We created a pop-up shop for Punch to demonstrate how the brand could exist outside its web and print platforms. In order to do this, we designed for pop-in@Nordstrom, a series of fun limited run shops in select Nordstrom stores.


article content, website, print zine, pop-in landing page + e-mailer, pop-in tote bag, shop mockup

style board
content curation

For our featured article about a brunch party, Kelly and I staged a photoshoot. We styled the space based on a moodboard created for the event, and worked with our photographer to achieve the desired tone. We approached our Madonna Inn photo essay similarly, by starting with visuals and following with writing content. Leading with the visuals for these pieces allowed us to control the overall tone of voice better.

the site

Drawing inspiration from brutalist web design and short-run foodie zines, the Punch site was built with the desire to make every article feel fun and different while still being part of the same brand. Cutouts and overlap are recurring elements used, and consistent type treatment helps everything tie together.
View the live site here!

the zine

The print zine is a consolidated version of the website, with the theme of "food drunk". We printed on peach colored paper and chose a monochromatic color palette with pops of full color for select photos. Zines were printed in-house. We approached the zine and website similarly, with a few key differences. The zine is photo-heavy and more “art” driven, whereas the website is content-heavy and allowed for the opportunity of more interaction with the user.

the pop-in

For the pop-in shop experience, we went with the theme "food drunk" to match the zine, and curated items that are perfect for summer entertaining, pigging out at home, and just having an all-around good time. Our web experience for the shop follows Nordstrom brand guidelines and is designed to be an online glimpse into the in-store environment.

We met with members of Nordstrom's design team that have worked on pop-ins, and based our deliverables on real-world examples and feedback we received from them.

Each pop-in shop has a totally unique floor plan and design. I designed the 3-D models above of what a possible shop build could look like. Each pop-in@Nordstrom has a takeaway gift with purchase, as well as a bag. The canvas tote is our design for Punch's shop bag. Its size makes it the perfect bag to bring grocery shopping, or to carry a picnic with friends. Our gift with purchase is a copy of the print zine.

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