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SCUM Magazine is a Seattle-based quarterly lifestyle publication created during my time at SCCA. The magazine features thought-provoking articles, photography, art, and prose centered around slice-of-life stories and experiences. With the tagline "Bold. Bad. Belligerent.", this isn't a publication that takes itself too seriously.

SCUM came from a desire to design a magazine written for the people in my community—the bartenders, cooks, skate rats, and musicians, both in the city of Seattle and outside. Admittedly, the biggest challenge with this project was treading the fine line between irreverence and bad taste. I wanted to pay homage to the skate mags and punk zines I’ve always admired, but apply a more streamlined visual tone to them.

Overall, my visual design solutions centered around distilling a cohesive narrative that served as a guiding force for visual choices. It was important to me to create a magazine that read as relatively gender-neutral, and this influenced many of my color selections as well. Narrowing down type and colors helped bring content together, and I found my stride after closely editing the pieces I'd written and selected. The result is a 108-page magazine, which you can read in its entirety here.

SCUM Magazine

Scum magazine spreads
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