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When Pike Brewing came to Blindtiger, the initial request for a rebrand felt daunting. Pike has been an established part of the craft beer scene since ‘86, and their existing branding was widely recognized. I worked alongside the Blindtiger team to create a new visual identity to usher in an exciting new era for Pike.


The rebrand was largely centered around modernizing and streamlining the brand. “The Pike Brewing Company” became “Pike Brewing”, and secondary landscape-inspired colors were added to soften the existing black and red. The custom Pike wordmark I created drew inspiration from earlier Pike branding, but extra frills and chunky swashes are replaced with crisp angles and a sleeker silhouette. These updates were then carried into a full packaging update for Pike’s core beers.

Pike Brewing

Pike Merch Mockups
Pike Core Cans (Image Copyright: Marcus Donner © 2021)

Copyright: Marcus Donner © 2021

pike fish bar logos
Pike Brewing Logo System

After tackling the rebrand for Pike's core brand, I created branding for Pike Fish Bar, one of the restaurants located within their downtown brewery. Originally the Tankard & Tun space, the Fish Bar aims to be a more casual approach to delicious fresh fish and craft beer and cocktails. The resulting branding has clear tie-ins to the primary brand, with the addition of playful type, pattern, and a very cool mascot. 

Pike Fish Bar

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