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My name is Lauren, and I'm a Seattle-based graphic designer and illustrator. I enjoy projects that allow me to take risks and explore unorthodox design solutions, and am particularly fond of ones that involve branding, packaging, and marketing strategy. I currently work as a Senior Designer at Blindtiger Design to create packaging and branding solutions in the craft beer and beverage industry. Despite having clients that make truly delicious craft beer, I will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for Colt 45.


Prior to a career in design, I worked in the hospitality industry in a variety of roles. While I enjoy working with all sorts of industries as a freelance designer, I truly love being able to work with bars and restaurants to address the specific design needs the industry requires.

When I'm not busy brainstorming a new beer label idea or obsessing over a well-made typeface, you can typically find me watching b-horror flicks, searching for the perfect vintage velvet painting, or talking about how the blood rave scene in Blade is, like, a total vibe. 

  • packaging systems

  • layout + print design

  • environmental design

  • websites + social activations

  • brand development

  • creative direction

  • logo design

  • illustration

  • copywriting

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Dribbble

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